A natural spa in the hills of Granada


Not only is northern Europe can you bathe in a well at over 37 degrees when outside it is freezing cold. You can also do it in Andalusia, and specifically in Alhama de Granada.
On the hillside of the sierra de Tejera (Granada), the name says it all. “Al-hama” is “the bath” in Arabic. The Arabs gave the town its name, but the spa waters had been enjoyed long before. As far back as the 1st century, the Romans already appreciated its waters. It was they who built the warm base inviting one to bathe in the town’s spa.
As in all spas, in Alhama, a kind of capital for Andalusian spa therapy, there are different ways to take the waters in the indoor or outdoor Roman pools, and different treatments too. However, there is another, more virgin way, which is also free, which is to have a splash in these spa waters in Granada. This other option is just a few metres away from the spa itself.
Alongside the small river surrounding the spa, two small wells of spa water are the ideal place to while away time looking at the mountains and the blue sky. If the heat of the water becomes tiring or we prefer contrasts, one option the wells give us is to pass from heat to cold by jumping from the well into the river and vice versa. Another is to lie and rest in the heat of a well from which you will come out as relaxed as if you had been to a spa.


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