The most stubborn taxis in Spain

OK, there are no more widely-filmed taxis than those of the city of New York, and no one forgets the round line of their London counterparts and Asians carts pulled by bicycle taxis are already a myth of global transport. But Spain also have its typical car rental with a driver in the Malagan town of Mijas, where a raised thumb stops a donkey with a registration. Yes, a donkey: the burrotaxis drop the flag on the Costa del Sol.

The thing is very professional. The donkey, with its licence showing, stops and the driver acts as interpreter between the animal and the client. The service includes a tour of Mijas village in a cart or chair, each horse chooses the option pull in most for business.

A little rise here, cobbles over there ... no street resists the traction of these four-hoofed taxis. The 60 donkeys that form the service have to pass their own 'MOT' a couple of times a year with the non profit-making veterinary association El Refugio del Burrito. There they take a look at their microchip, their vital signs, the state of their teeth, skin, mucous membranes, limbs and feet. A blacksmith ends the donkeys’ setup by correcting problems in their shoes, and they are all set to continue riding.

Of course there are burrotaxi stops. This is a serious, solid business. The idea occurred to the inhabitants of this donkey-rich land in the early sixties, when some villagers returning home by donkey were asked by tourists for a ride or to have their photograph taken alongside the animal with the beautiful village in the background. The tips that the drivers received were often higher that the wage they got for their day’s work. The result? Obvious business. The burrotaxi would take over as the town’s main public transport.

Since then the sector has professionalized more and more. Municipal ordinances regulating the animals’ checks, safety measures, the registration of each 'car' and the specific signs for 'circulating' donkeys. Everything prepared to give the animals the care they require and visitors the pleasure to see the historic centre of Mijas without their feet touching the ground, the town where the horns sound like braying.

	The most stubborn taxis in Spain

	The most stubborn taxis in Spain

	The most stubborn taxis in Spain

	The most stubborn taxis in Spain

	The most stubborn taxis in Spain


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