The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

Leon is a city of Romanesque art, so the glass and the colour that dominate the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León (MUSAC), surprises visitors. This so innovative aesthetic proposal for the building announces what is to come, if you decide to walk into the building.

The white and concrete asepsis inside a place of open space invites you to go into action, you become a spectator able to decide how to have your own experience. Inside, a series of more than 900 works are the best summary of recent creativity. And it may seem paradoxical, but MUSAC is a catalyst that proposes breaking routes despite coinciding with one of the best known in country, the Camino de Santiago.

The arrival of this cultural centre in 2005 triggered the influx of visitors to Leon by 12 percent. With it came improbable encounters, innovative video creations and temporary proposals, for example, a tour of feminism in last minute art.

Perhaps the oldest work this museum houses dates back to 1992, but that does not mean refusing to look back. The innovative façade of this architectural landmark by Luis M. Mansilla and Emilio Tunon does in fact refer to a window of the city’s famous Gothic cathedral, except that here it seems pixelated or deconstructed.

Its squares and diamonds, though simulating avant-garde, are really a pop version of a geometry typical of Roman mosaics. True to its surroundings at all times, the building reminds you of what you can find in the rest of the city, and it is difficult to concentrate so many interesting things in so little space as this ..

Not far from the museum, in the Renews Eras district, 21st century Leon has flourished, perfectly combining the city’s vast artistic and historical heritage. Modernity does not prevent enjoyment of a solid, classical cuisine. In this city, it is best to opt for a glass of wine and a pork tapa, a short stroll towards the Húmedo district and around the Plaza de San Martin.


Pictures:  (1-5) Ángel Marcos, (6) Carlos S. Suárez

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque

	The MUSAC façade, a pop version of Leon's gothic and romanesque


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