Tarifa, the town of wind

There are places that seem to have been created for a specific activity, and Tarifa, which for centuries was a key place due to its strategic location, in the 21st century has found a destiny away from the continuous battles for the Strait of Gibraltar: sea and wind sports.

The winds in Tarifa come from the West and from the East. The first come in at a constant speed of between 8 and 25 knots, and the other, though unsteady, can blow up to 30 knots or more. The reason why this force of nature is so strong and well channelled in Tarifa is the Venturi effect of the Strait of Gibraltar.

According to Venturi, “the fluid that passes through a pipe loses its pressure as it goes through the narrowing, but at the same time increases its speed”. If we take the Strait as an expanded joint, in the wind in Tarifa makes sense, just like all of the tourism that has built up around it.

Lovers of sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and other activities that require rough seas, strong winds and waves that are fearful for the uninitiated have their particular Mecca in Tarifa with different places to adore their board-shaped pagan idol.  

One of these is the Spa, to the west of the port, where care must be taken with the rocks and a strong easterly wind. Others include the Bünker at the end of the Cuartel beach; Yerbabuena, three kilometres from Barbate; Caños de Meca, in the same direction, and Palmar. And there are more that you can discover moving along the coast and asking the people of the area for the best enclaves, people who are happy too to have changed their warlike activity for fun.


Pictures: Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Cádiz

	Tarifa, the town of wind

	Tarifa, the town of wind

	Tarifa, the town of wind

	Tarifa, the town of wind

	Tarifa, the town of wind


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