Sleeping under slate roofs

There are places in our country that do not know stifling hot nights in the summer. Corners sleeping at the foot of the mountains, which serve as a gateway to the areas where people go skiing, mountaineering or hiking. They are a usual passing route, but also a treasure in themselves. A treasure built under slate roofs to withstand the snow and cold when the winter comes. The Pyrenees in Huesca hide little secrets across the map, just before the roads are no longer displayed in the guides.

The best known is Panticosa, a place of pilgrimage for skiers thanks to the Panticosa-Los Lagos resort. But besides skiing, there is a well-known spa resort and rivers flowing strongly when the thaw comes, which are ridden by rafting enthusiasts. There are cobblestone streets, buildings and sharp black roofs, all in a quiet location with fewer than a thousand inhabitants, in the shelter of the surrounding vegetation.

To the east is Aínsa, a somewhat larger town with just over 2,000 inhabitants. The town, crossed by two rivers, is the connecting point of roads that distribute to various parts of the Pyrenees. In fact the mountains are born here, 570 metres above sea level. It is a clear legacy of a medieval village, with stone streets that offer places where the moss grows and small snowfields where the sun does not reach. Its castle, its square and its historical centre have to be seen.

Torla is over a thousand feet high. This is the gateway to the National Park of Ordesa and the Monte Perdido, whose peaks are the natural skyline this small village of 400 inhabitants. Its church of rock and slate is to the side of the road leading to the town, and forms a small island on the valley’s vegetation. The town’s elders remember when, before dawn, howling wolves could be heard in the distance, wolves which they are now trying to bring back into the area.

Not far away is Broto, with about 600 inhabitants and a church with a steeple and looking like a castle. And also Fanlo, a viewpoint for the Monte Perdido, the highest peak in the area at 3,355 meters, a perfect spot for lovers of tranquillity and natural areas.

	Sleeping under slate roofs

	Sleeping under slate roofs

	Sleeping under slate roofs

	Sleeping under slate roofs

	Sleeping under slate roofs

	Sleeping under slate roofs


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