The smallest village in Spain

Two and a half hectares, or five Almudena cathedrals, or two Sagrada Familias, or a quarter of the Alhambra ... That is the area occupied by Emperador, the smallest village in Spain, ten quiet streets just ten minutes from Valencia. A low record that also makes it a landmark.

Emperador is one of many villages in the Horta Nord regions that appeared alongside the former royal road to Barcelona. It is surrounded by fields of oranges, tangerines and other vegetables, and just a few kilometres separate you from the El Puig and Pobla de Farnals beaches. Its 615 residents also make it the second most densely populated place in the country.

Inside Emperador, the Horta Nord offers many roads for getting lost in the sweet smell of spring blossoms. In the autumn, with the orange crop ready to bring to market, farmers in the area, known as 'llauraors', are happy to sell a beautiful basket of oranges to visitors.

Spring and autumn in Emperador and the Horta Nord wake on cold mornings and under the radiant, bright skies of the nearby Mediterranean. Bicycles are ideal companions at this time, just like the country breeze. The murmur of the water in the ancient irrigation ditch network completes a superb ride. Besides cycling, around Emperador there is a diverse selection of restaurants mainly offering rice and fish.

The smallest village in Spain lacks the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia or the Almudena cathedral, and you just need to walk a few dozen steps in any direction to get from the central church square to the outskirts. That’s enough. You do not need a big city to feel huge. In Emperador just ten blocks with orange blossom scent is enough.

	The smallest village in Spain

	The smallest village in Spain

	The smallest village in Spain


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