Despite being one of the most visited cities in Spain, Palma de Mallorca is still an unknown quantity to many tourists. Beyond its coves and crystal clear waters, this city has one of the richest and best cared for historical centres in Spain.
There have been several architectural styles that have shaped the city, but there has certainly been one which has imposed: the Gothic. This style was used in the area beyond the time limits that corseted the rest of Europe. Here you can admire Gothic buildings built in the sixteenth century. The Cathedral and its famous rose window, nicknamed the Eye of the Gothic, are the most emblematic. Other examples are found in the market, numerous castles and smaller buildings that form a medieval urban fabric. To highlight its importance and make it known, the Ministry of Tourism has launched Gothic Palma, an interactive map to plan a trip in time.

The Almudaina Palace could be included within the Majorcan Gothic. Although it could also be a vestige of the Muslim occupation. And it was originally a Roman construction. Bellver Castle itself may be considered gothic, although its whitish colour and rounded shapes bring it closer to a style that could be defined as 'Disney'. It is one of the few circular castles in Europe and from its viewpoint you can see the city, the port and the Sierra de Tramontana mountains. And now, after so much architecture comes the time to go to the beach and relax in a cove of white sand and crystal clear waters.


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