When he was 10 years old, little Pablo hid under his sister’s bed to paint his first picture. Years later in the same room, the tourists crowd to see the pictures little Pablo later painted as the great Pablo Picasso. Malaga was his birthplace, something that can be appreciated by visiting the two museums dedicated to the Cubist genius: the Fundación Picasso, Casa Natural is completed with the collection of the Picasso Museum in Malaga.

However, the Picasso museums are not the only interesting museums in this Mediterranean capital. With half a million inhabitants, Malaga has 24 museums in its historical quarter, one of the greatest concentrations of museums in the country. Turduli, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs fought for the place and left a stamp that can still be visited in places like the Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre and the Malaga Museum.

And after admiring the remains of extinct civilisations, visitors can delight with a collection of miniature houses. The Doll’s House Museum, the only one of its kind in Spain, offers a different kind of entertainment. Craft work from the 19th century which entertained the youngsters and now delights all publics. We can also experience the Belle Epoque or the Dolce Vita with the iconic cars from these times. The car museum turns vehicles into works of art. And to finish off the Malaga Thyssen Museum, a world-famous art gallery dedicated to the movements of the 20th century.

This overwhelming offer of museums next to the beach makes Malaga a unique city where art and entertainment go hand-in-hand.


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13/11/2013 06:16h

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