Autumn’s arrival brings the forest into flower. This is a silent explosion, much less brilliant than the arrival of spring time, but much tastier too. The first wild mushrooms of the season begin to appear in the shade of the trees. There are many ideal places to look for this earthy food, but few have the surroundings of the like of the Aracena range of hills. This forest, declared a nature park in 1989, is full of Roman roads, Muslim fortifications and ancient abandoned watermills.

Horse chestnuts, poplars and walnut trees offer their ochre shadow where the wild mushrooms grow. From mid-October, the mushroom routes begin to blossom, offering a stroll and a meal with the harvested food in the local restaurant. This is a good option because you need basic knowledge to pick wild mushrooms. There are 3,500 species of wild mushrooms in Europe, of which only around a hundred are edible. There are around 50 poisonous mushrooms and the rest have no culinary value. Wood mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, agaricus silvicola, boletus aereus... there are many varieties and still more ways to cook them, but before sitting at the table to try the booty, let your senses fly in the Aracena Hills. The number and variety of birds of prey crossing the sky makes this a unique place, and the forest is ready to receive visitors. The nature park has routes divided between the grandes routes (GR) for the most expert, and the petites routes (PR) for novices.


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