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In spagna se mangi ad un orario "italiano" hai tempo per una piccola siesta prima di uscire. Non tutti possono reggere i loro ritmi


10/10/2016 19:06h

Hogyan legyek éutehtÅ‘bb…Szrper jó kezdÅ‘ gondolat! Ez olyan jól sikerült neked legelején. Akkor mit csináltál? Magadban keress választ. Szerintem fogyóban van az ihleted, kell tölteni valahogy.

24/07/2016 01:30h

I HATE Halloween but like you make a couple of cards for challenges etc but never send them cos we don't here do we? I LOVE this one tho - she is so sweet. Think I will have to succumb and get a couple of these wee Tild9a;s to see how I get on with them. Hope your back gets better soon - know exactly what pain you are in and I am so glad I got mine fixed - gave me back my life tho it still hurts bad in the cold or the wet - shall I emigrate to the sunshine? Sheila:)X