Guadix, capital europea de las cuevas

Guadix, capital europea de las cuevas

Un lugar con mucha energía y el único donde existe más de 2000 cuevas habitadas. Un lugar fantástico, lleno de color y energía donde los ocres de los ceros se mezclan con los blancos de las chimeneas


10/10/2016 17:51h

Your post has moved the debate foarrwd. Thanks for sharing!

10/10/2016 17:43h

Thanks for helping me to see things in a dienrefft light.

24/07/2016 01:43h

There is some truth in the stypeoteres of Art Director - Copywriter, although i think it's less about the actual jobs and more about the dynamics of the people in the team, the best teams tend to be very different, whilst at the same time think very alike, they work off each other, when one's quiet the other is vocal and vice versa.

02/03/2016 18:00h

I have never thought the same way about my inteetinss since seeing this piece. It has made me appreciate my inteetinss as never before. Let's face it we can't live without them, yet how much appreciation do they ever get? Zero.The fact that Ben spent many hours of his life knitting these inteetinss and creating this beautiful art (which looks extremely intestinal I have to add.. it's remarkable how the medium lends itself to that) has made me realize that everything is beautiful and can be seen as art.. even something as hidden and generally considered unartistic, as our very own inteetin ...

17/02/2016 21:03h

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