Pieces of Madrid

Pieces of Madrid


28/07/2013 12:02h

Lol Look at the jealous meunilrnoabs writing negative stuff about syney..! like you guys are reallii just chewing up inside! and sydney isn't just a opera house and bridge.. only someone with half a brain would think this! we have the some of the best beaches, great festivals and most magnificant architecture the habour and its icons are just a signiture of the city! thats like saying all Paris has is the Eiffel Tower..! how stupid is that..! like jealous much!!!!!!!!

25/07/2013 16:12h

not hesitate sayar, i bleeive already myanmar 's technology. if you always right , the Bookies on the world will run. this is prediction. prediction is guess. guess is may be right or may be false.


United Kingdom

16/11/2011 11:37h

Really sums up the atmosphere of Madrid. Excellent collage.