la ruta de Cuenca


20/04/2016 01:00h

The answer of an expetr. Good to hear from you.

19/04/2016 14:53h

I cannot tell a lie, that really hedple.

02/03/2016 18:05h

Because I'm a newbie and not tech-savvy, many of Google's tecatichlinies and rationale pass me by. For example, I know I can't understand computer code but what could possibly be the reason for making the capcha samples so difficult to read? This isn't a matter of national security, or is it? What if you simply have poor eyesight? I'm 71 tears old and trying to enter your world, the world in which my grandchildren already reside and I'm outside knocking at the door. I 'm a writer with a website that publishes my work. I love writing and want only to reach people but you make this task d ...

18/02/2016 00:22h

I'm getting a URL error for a non-existent weagbpe on a blog. Doesn't need robots.txt as there's nothing to block; it's got all the Blogger default settings in scrawling/search preferences - so WHY is Google upset with Google?! :/