Impressions of Menorca set to "FAREWELL" by Mirko-Kosmos concept, camera, editing & music © by Mirko Lalit Egger 2011/2012 "It has done me good, because of the color of the wheat fields." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince)


18/02/2016 00:37h

Benidorm is nice and warm in June/July. There is a load of stuff to keep you busy all day and all night, but if you are looking for a more reaelxd time, there are a good few excursions that will let you see and experience the more natural Spain.. Have a great time, whatever you choose.

28/07/2013 13:55h

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Egypts supposed to be beauitful and its also relitively cheap.Tunisias also supposed to be nice.Most places will have nice weather during june/july so you have a huge choice on where you could go.Personally I love the Caribbean but its along flight if you're only staying 7 days. I'd probably go somewhere cheap like tunisia, egypt, bulgaria, greece or somewhere.Greece is very nice with tonnes to see and do.

02/07/2013 14:08h

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