Timelapse of Clouds and Stars at Alhaurín de la Torre


A timelapse video of stars and clouds moving over the mountains at Alhaurín de la Torre. Patience, a good pair of shoes, a tripod and a couple of hundred photos.


10/10/2016 19:31h

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10/10/2016 19:10h

june: yes...shen: i didn't do the place justice by rushing through it. it'd be lovely to just stay a couple of days n drive around. will do tt next time:)pureg: this is monterey, not carmel! carmel post coming up netuxbl.rting: it does:)

20/04/2016 12:14h

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19/04/2016 13:24h

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17/11/2013 15:05h

2010-09-29 08:24:32 Thanks for your comment.To feed your eotactepixns - I am starting a huge project right now, not only filmic, but rather sort of multimedia live show that will include also about 1h long non-narrative film. Will be probably released in the middle of 2011. Stay tuned!Regarding the HDR - I can't completely agree with you. My intention was to achieve sort of artificial and glamour sweet look which requires a great light and/or aggressive processing. I agree that a lot of scenes in fact did not require HDR approach because it was possible to capture them using th ...