Майорка / Timelapse 2012


Испания, о.Майорка (Mallorca Island) Paguera, Santa Ponsa Цейтраферная съёмка / Timelapse


10/10/2016 19:34h

I am so happy to have daily tasks to complete for My Love, I do them with love in my heart and I try to exceed his extopcatiens. However, I get no affirmation of them being completed. I do not get punished, nor do I get any positive feedback. It just makes me wanna cry! Any suggestions?

10/10/2016 19:33h

Thank you to the &##3rno;mal&939; people that have contributed helpful information. Also, thanks to Google for providing this service. I have not uploaded anything yet, but I will. I have learned a lot from watching YT videos.I have also been entertained by the many artists out there.

24/07/2016 01:38h

Why not create a browser plugin that compares the privacy policy with a existing library of must have privacy policy, normal privacy policy and be careful privacy policy. In the end it does not help me that much to read it - if I am not aware of the consequences of the privacy poSmiy.(loiethcng similar like WOT ; Web of Trust)

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16/11/2012 02:45h

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