Come and discover #Spain!


In this country –home to the second most UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserves– you're guaranteed to find everything: lakes, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, forests, valleys, cliffs… Spain's wide diversity of landscapes will never cease to amaze you. Take a break from the daily grind, breathe deeply, and cast all your cares aside

Great cities that are famous all over the world, inland destinations steeped in charm, maritime towns to enjoy activities by the sea, a host of places to explore… Come and discover Spain!

Tourist Office of Spain

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24/07/2016 01:46h

Janet,What an honor to be have my post featured. Best of all, I’m thrilled to be in such good company!I had not seen An2aleg17;s 21 tips before and got such a kick out of the formatting of it and Julie’s post made me crave trifle (w/o beef!) LOL.

20/04/2016 01:15h

Shoot, so that's that one suseopps.

19/04/2016 15:26h

I suosppe that sounds and smells just about right.